Humanity to be part of our everyday life

Last year will be remembered as the year of a refugee crisis, which seriously shook the foundation of peace and stability of Europe and the world. The exodus of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, which this year reached a figure exceeding millions, the traumatic photos from their perilous journey to the western European countries leaves nobody indifferent. Hundreds of people, players with human destinies, smugglers, war profiteers, every day earn thousands of euros off them. In all the obstacles through the transit countries, while trying to help, they are putting barbed wires, fences, walls, tear gas, water cannons etc. However, there are also people there who are trying their absolute best to make their travel easier.

I heard so many ignorant and insensitive people around me saying that they shouldn’t be doing this, they should stay where they belong, they are terrorists. I’m so sick of those types of people, while those who are helping are a synonym for humanity and strong will. They help hundreds of people, they are truly “angelic humans”. With their actions they change the everyday life of a lot of people, positively affecting their community; they encourage and inspire others to well-doing.


82 thoughts on “Humanity to be part of our everyday life

  1. I don’t know much about this topic, but what I’ve learnt is that these refugees became refugees because of the ethnical differences in their country and tried escaping in ours, but weren’t welcomed. So I can tell that you are absolutely right. They shouldn’t be used in these ways, but also I think the best way anyone can help would be trying to help the ethnical conflict disappear, because even if they get welcomed in any country it would permanently.


  2. I agree with you, but also I understand those people who say that refugees should stay where they belong to, there must be reason why are they saying this, maybe they are afraid of something. Just look what refugees have done in Germany and some other countries. I don’t say that they are all bad or terrorists, but those who do bad stuff make other people to be afraid and to say such things.


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