We are in this together

I always thought people were boring, some of them weird or other feature that I didn’t like. But as time passes by, I find out that we need to give people chances to be a part of our lives, to try to make them our friends or even maybe best friends in the future. Everyone has their own story, and everyone has learned some lesson about life that we haven’t learnt previously. It’s ours to be generous and kind towards new people around us and those that we meet. We need to try to learn something from them, whether it is about life or for something that we like to do in the future. And of course, if we don’t like the people we let into our lives, we can solve that, there is always a solution.

We shouldn’t be naive and listen only to limited people’s opinions about stuff, we need to be smart in building a successful relationship. We mustn’t let someone have a bad influence to our lives, on the contrary, a positive and supportive influence. By positive and supportive I mean to support the things we do, dreams we dream, and our beliefs. Because that’s a really good friend – the one who motivates and inspire us.

Now, get out, make friends or meet some people [says the guy who has 2 friends, but it’s not about quantity it’s about quality] and make sure you learn something new that will be useful for you. Because that’s life, making mistakes and learning new things.

Over the couple of months, I have been enjoying listening to people’s stories and experiences. I think we should help each other in the terms of telling more life advises and tips that would help us in the future. So be helpful and write something that’s important and you feel like sharing it to other humans. We are in this thing called ‘LIFE’ together!


63 thoughts on “We are in this together

  1. I can really relate to this post. I am currently trying to give other people a chance because before I used to judge them without even knowing them. I love your work and I hope to see more of it. The best of luck to you. Keep up the good work.


  2. Yes, we are in this together and that’s the reason why we should support each other like you said, and not only support but learn from each other, give chances, share different opinions, experience things together and so on.


  3. I must admit I really agree with you about some things but then about others I don’t. I think we should always be cautious whom we interact with, just like you said, a friend should influence you positively, but if we share advice and experiences with everyone we meet, some of them might be the ones that could bring the negative into our lives. Because relationships are like electric currents. A wrong connection will give you a shock through your life, but the right one will light up your life.


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