Why are we here on Earth? \\ GrandiloquentConvo

This is my first guest on my blog (expect more in the future) and I’m really excited for this post because I came across this guest when I opened my WordPress blog and since then I was thinking how can I ask him to be a guest on my blog because from the first time I read few of his posts I instantly thought that he is such an intelligent person. I wrote few questions and got answers back from him, so here it is CommonSenseTom. Continue reading “Why are we here on Earth? \\ GrandiloquentConvo”

Humanity to be part of our everyday life

Last year will be remembered as the year of a refugee crisis, which seriously shook the foundation of peace and stability of Europe and the world. The exodus of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, which this year reached a figure exceeding millions, the traumatic photos from their perilous journey to the western European countries leaves nobody indifferent. Hundreds of people, players with human destinies, smugglers, … Continue reading Humanity to be part of our everyday life

We are in this together

I always thought people were boring, some of them weird or other feature that I didn’t like. But as time passes by, I find out that we need to give people chances to be a part of our lives, to try to make them our friends or even maybe best friends in the future. Everyone has their own story, and everyone has learned some lesson about life that we haven’t learnt previously. It’s ours to be generous and kind towards new people around us and those that we meet. We need to try to learn something from them, whether it is about life or for something that we like to do in the future. And of course, if we don’t like the people we let into our lives, we can solve that, there is always a solution. Continue reading “We are in this together”